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Alice Kilkenny is a London-based multimedia artist and designer whose creative endeavours revolve around the development of immersive audio-visual installations. Primarily working within animation for fulldome, her artistic exploration transcends conventional boundaries by employing a multi-sensory approach to experience design. These captivating installations also materialise within a diverse range of environments, including galleries, woodlands, and live music venues, providing diverse settings for her artistic expressions.


At the heart of Alice's ongoing artistic practice lies an investigation into the dissolution of the dichotomy between the virtual and the corporeal. She navigates between physical installations, self-contained digital environments, and the vast expanse of cyberspace to construct mesmerising spaces that beckon audiences to immerse themselves in enchanting dream-like universes. Her carefully crafted narratives serve as guides, leading viewers on transcendent journeys that blur the line between reality and imagination.

In addition to her immersive installations, Alice's moving image work has garnered recognition and commissions on a national and international scale. Her creations have been showcased at esteemed events and festivals such as Brainchild Festival, Bestival, Jena Fulldome Festival (Germany), Immersphere (Brazil), Festival of Animation Berlin (Germany), Sonar + D Barcelona (Spain), RA Lates: Rose Sélavy's Dada Extravaganza at the Royal Academy of Arts, and FDUK at the National Space Centre. Notably, Alice has served as the Director of Visual Content & Production for Sting & Peter Gabriel's Rock Paper Scissors USA Tour, highlighting her professional achievements and collaborations in the industry.

Alice has also contributed her expertise as a post-production freelancer in advertising, where she has lent her expertise to post-production projects, adding her unique touch to visual campaigns.


Alice's academic journey includes her graduation from the prestigious Royal College of Art, where she pursued an MA in Information Experience Design (Moving Image), further augmenting her expertise. Prior to that, she honed her skills and cultivated a strong artistic foundation at Central Saint Martins, where she attained a BA (Hons) in Fine Art (3D Pathway).


Alice Kilkenny emerges as an intellectually vibrant artist whose multimedia skills, fuelled by her academic accomplishments, diverse creative ventures, and experience, transcends traditional artistic boundaries. Her immersive installations and moving image works invite viewers to embark on extraordinary voyages that challenge the perceptual realms between the virtual and the tangible, evoking a sense of wonder and discovery on those who partake. 

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