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Into the Sublime

The film explores the concept of space in the digital sublime and its transformative effect on human consciousness. It is inspired by Krzhizhanovsky’s science fiction story ‘Quadraturin’ (1926) – which tells the story of an ordinary man living in a tiny room in a communal Soviet apartment and his encounter with a miracle product that promises to enlarge interior spaces. The piece takes the audience on a journey from structured form, through chaotic disarray and into new aesthetic resolution, and considers how sublime transcendental experience has modernised. As our pursuit towards sublimation continues, it is likely that our sense of self as a physical form will become abstracted into virtual space; these evolving cyber-realities reflect newfound ways of reaching our conscious self.


A film by Alice Kilkenny

Music by Matt Stefanyzyn

Words composed in collaboration with JJ Tipton

Narrated by Shireen Liane

Recorded by Tim Hamper

Sound Mix by Mike Wyeld

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