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Junkerry's Together Apart

Together Apart is a 55 minute visual album composed by contemporary music maker Junkerry. 

With cutting edge spatial audio and visuals designed for immersive fulldome screens, Together Apart unfolds in 5 chapters,  telling stories of how we divide, unite, disconnect and belong.

Alice created the visuals for Chapter 1pt.2 & Chapter 2


Together Apart

Life emerges from cosmic dust 

Flesh bodies created from cosmic molecules 

The elements were made in a star 


The dome gives birth to a living body 

Symbiotic relationships sustain life

Sinews bind together and strengthen the form


We have travelled through several supernovas

We are made from elements of earth

In death we return to dust

Together Apart Test Weekend in Plymouth. Images show stills of Alice's visuals in situ.

The concept for the visuals was the dome as a living organism, with a poem to describe the narrative. 

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