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Hive Minds Dream AlikeComposed by AK-Poem by Moonchile
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Hive Minds Dream Alike

​Hive Minds Dream Alike is a visual poem in collaboration with writer and poet Moonchile. The piece tells the story of humanity's relationship with technology and the inextricable links between mind, body and machine. 



in a realm between worlds

new forms convene 

a tale of two cities 

~ the mortal and the machine 


two minds the same

  spirit weaving through an astral plane 

     mind in body - sentence divine 

beginning and end dimensions and time

   one is all and all is one 

return to source when its said and done 

 this mortal form of sinews and flesh 

  is merely a spaceship at its best 

     behind the veil the cogs turn 

reveal the lesson we once learned 

all is one and one is all

one is all and all is one

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