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Sting & Peter Gabriel USA Tour 
Director of Visual Content & Post Production

Alice Kilkenny travelled to Columbus, Ohio, to work collaboratively and devise the visual material for Rock Paper Scissors —The team spent half a year creating and producing visual material for Peter Gabriel and Sting’s live cross-North America tour. Visuals included video as well as animated elements. Some of the visuals have continued to be shown in Sting and Peter Gabriels live performances.  

Alice directed shoots and edited visual content that ran across 14 large screens during each of the 26 shows performed at different venues across Canada and the United States. 

Director & Editor

Sting - Message in A Bottle

Peter Gabriel - Solsbury Hill / San Jacinto 

Assistant Director /DOP/Editor 

Sting - Every Breath You Take / Desert Rose / Englishman In New York / Roxanne

Peter Gabriel - In You Eyes / Rhythm of The Heat / Digging in the Dirt / No Self Control

In addition to in-depth feedback and constructive criticism from Gabriel himself, the team worked with prominent lighting and production designer, Rob Sinclair, and Sting’s long-time lighting designer and director, Danny Nolan.

The working theme of the ‘zine’ was adopted, and the resulting visuals were both abstract and figurative, cut-and-paste, collage and forms of spontaneous expression. The range of ways in which these images will be combined, static and in motion, remains to be seen across the idiosyncratic live performances of Peter Gabriel and Sting, who launched their tour in Columbus, Ohio, on 21 June.

Michaela French 

Joe King 

Annalise Keestra

Sam Bell

Emily Briselden-Waters

Franziska Pilling 

Louis Gauger 

“Great videos and production values, too, not overdone, and excellent sound… if you can get into MSG on Monday night, it’s worth every penny. You’ll come out humming, of not outright singing and banging anything that sounds like a drum.” –

“It was hard to argue with the idea of having Gabriel open the show with The Rhythm of The Heat before Sting followed up with his own If I Ever Lose My Faith In You and so it went back and forth from there with slick lights, video screens and projections all night long as the backing band grew to as big as 14 including three drummers, a violinist, and a cellist.” – Toronto Sun

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